#RainLandStories – Inside the batman’s world

Inside Mausmi Cave, Cheerapunji, Meghalaya


One of the USP of Meghalaya has to be its beautiful caves. A few handful ones have been commercialised by making way to walk or even install light fixtures but there are many of them which needs a proper expedition to access them and going there in monsoon is big risk in itself. As a matter of fact, some of the caves are called as rat-hole-mines for the obvious fact that the openings are so small for someone to even walk through it. For someone like me who is not into adventure sports or rock-climbing and stuff, the very experience of going through one of the easily accessible ones made me fall in love with these place. At certain points there are openings which are good enough for one person to sneak in and at other places like the image above where roof of the cave is almost 5times the height of a normal human being. The very sight of bats flying over and the rain water dripping on the head (i dont think i need to explicitly point it out in the above image) with every step is an experience one should really go through to enjoy it to the best. The moment i grabbed this image the first thing that came into my mind was “…. ok this is how the batman’s world looks like from inside” 🙂

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