#RaindLandStories – Limestone worker

Limestone Worker, Cheerapunji, Meghalaya


The people of Cherrapunjee have been resorting to mining of coal, limestone and sand since a long time now. The ravaged sides of the hills stand testimony to the unplanned and unscientific methods of mining adopted by the localites. Some of the places here are already suffering consequences like poor quality of potable water. The cement factory which comes under the Govt of Meghalaya generate employment and usher in development in this place by utilising the locally available limestone and coal mineral resources. As one drives through the scenic routes around the villages of Cherrapunji, they can see workers building or piling up limestones under hut structure, which gets lit in the form of a oven generating lime which goes into the making of paints ( whitewash ) and also for general consumption (supari).

I will do a separate blog post dedicated to the limestone huts ( thats what i termed them as ) where the heating of the limestone happens, but until then enjoy this another face of Limestone worker in the #RainLandStories series.

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