#RainLandStories – The curious Kiddos

Kids from Cheerapunji, Meghalaya



These 4 kids were playing at a small open land next to the building where i was shooting on my last day of the trip and were very curious as to how my camera continued to click ( make sound ) even when i was not touching the camera ( apparently i was shooting a timelapse ). I just waved my hand and told Hi and thats what was required for these guys to start pouncing on me and start giving all type of poses for my camera. The one in the middle in orange was inarguably the most silent but the naughtiest of all. Every 2-3 minutes he was curiously checking back on me to see if am seeing them play or am busy shooting. The kids here in Cheerapunji had their own sweet charm, unlike the kids from the city these kids are ready to come and start a conversation with you, or even otherwise they have this very charming smile with which they greet anyone and everyone they come across. Wish the kids in the city learn atleast a portion of grattitude from these guys.

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