Panoramic Presentations

A quick search for Panorama in Wiki yileds a lot of variety of results everything from Cylindrical panorama to 360 degree panorama etc.

Panoramas are one of the favorite subjects of any Landscape photographer and am no exception for it.

There are variety of ways in which a Panoramic image can be presented or made in the field of landscape photography, and one of the common one is the one which involves stiching of multiple images and presenting it as a single frame. This involves a lot of meticulous planning and execution.  Personally am a huge fan of this type of Panoramic photography.  One another very widely used way is presenting the image in a 16:9 image format.

My recent searches on internet revealed a lot of unique cameras which presented images in a panoramic way.  Off late I had been trying to simulate image to represent the same way in which these cameras present the panoramic image and am pretty pleased with out come and also the possibility of presentation of landscape images.

Below are 3 examples of 6×17, 16:9 and a multiimage stiched panoramic images i made during a recent visit to Gopalswamybetta near Mysore.


” Click on the image to view a better larger image “

Couple of my previous post on Panoramic images can be found here and here.

On another note I will be going for print of the above stitched panoramic image shortly just in lines with the Golden Triangles print. So interested people are more than just welcome to come over to my home and have a look at it.


  1. Fantastic!
    I liked the second picture more. The picture covering the nearer and the farther hills. It gives a liking feel, with the forefront hills on a greener shade and the farther ones a lot bluer.. liked it.

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