There is no shortage of “beautiful” images of nature today. How many of them portray the hidden stories of nature ? Nature photographers can make much better images if they know hidden stories of nature. Often this is not the case. On the otherhand field biologists and naturalists have this immense knowledge of nature. Nature Stories (NTN in short for naturetales.net) is a unique platform for bringing together both nature photographers and field biologists to share vivid and facinating stories of mother nature.

To start with we have a few forums and an image gallery. So is it another nature photography forum ? Of course not ! The focus of his forum is clearly about telling stories of nature. We have following forums/gallery for this purpose.

1. Nature Stories – Image Gallery
Gallery to share images of nature which tell a story. Please add a few words about the story. Emphasis is more on the story than quality of the image. Of course better images improve the experience. We have a few images currently in the gallery which kind of give you a feel for kind of images that are appropriate. Please visit the posting guidelines link here to know more.

2. Photo Essays and Articles
This is a forum to share articles that share a story of nature with related images that  support the story.

3. Ask our Experts !
We often make images of subjects in nature which we know little about. This is the gallery to post such images and find out more about the subject from the field biologists and naturalists here. You may want to browse the net to find out about your subject first however.

4. Wild Encounters
This is a forum to share a very memorable incident that you witnessed in wild. Please write a few words about the encounter and a few supporting images.

5. Experts Speak
In this forum we plan to bring in expert views from field biologists/naturalists and experienced nature photographers.

6. Collaborations
This is the forum where nature photographers and field biologists/naturalist can discuss/plan their next trip to the wild together !

Apart from these we have a forum to discuss site features/bugs/suggestions for improvement etc.


Shivakumar L Narayan

Team Member,


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