Dressing with an impact with Wolfpack Outdoors


Being someone from wildlife photography background, something which usually bothers me and my fellow photog friends is our wardrobe. Very unlikely that one can find any color other than any shades of Greens and Greys or Camo in our wardrobes. One thing that was lacking in the market was a clothing line which can be used not only for birding or wildlife purpose but something which can convince us to be worn outside in day2day life. This when clubbed with tshirts which have wildlife messages on them and not to forget images which are actual images of wildlife taken by fellow photographers would be something to look out for. Now isn’t that something really interesting ? This just happened for real and in our backyard in the Bangalore city. Few of my photog friends have started this new outdoor and adventure merchandise venture called Wolfpack Outdoors. Tucked up in a spacious cousy ground floor in a easily accessibly property in Koramangala – Wolfpack currently stocks tshirts for men and women with prints ranging from leopards, elephants, crocodile and even blacbucks and peacocks. Unlike a conventional print transfer on a tshirts, these are meticulously designed to give a very nice feel to the images and on a comfortable cotton material. I was also told that the range will expand and will include cargo pants, shorts, cycling and adventure gear, smaller memorabilia in coming days. The moment you enter the showroom you are welcomed to some fantastic 3d print type feel of the leopard and crocodile shirts and on the other corner has some vibrant color shirts for girls with messages about sparrow like “i was your neighbour” which brings out a very nice message about the depleting population of sparrows within the city. If the printed tees are not your piece of cake then they have polo shirts in a wide range of colors to choose from. The property also has a small outdoor garden which can be utilised as a cafe or even as an open space to give talks or do social-gathering along with like minded people. There are still lot of (interesting) things planned by the people who run this venture which i would probably leave it to them to announce officially when it comes up in the coming weeks. Even on the design side of things, I was being told that loads of new designs are getting added in coming days and not to forget the fact that they are even open to ideas and concept which they can implement if it goes through well. So in all i can summarise that this is one very interesting place for both photographers and otherwise to lay their hands on some very interesting wildlife merchandise in some really cool colors at a very affordable rate. Their official website will be up in coming days which will also have an option to buy online as and when new designs get added but till then you can visit their facebook page which gives you an info what they have and whats happening.





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