One secret ingredient for good sea scape images


Day in and day out we see numerous technically & aesthetically perfect sea scape images on web. Learning what settings goes in the camera when you trip the shutter & what filters to use is which one can learn on web or in books or attending dedicated workshops. But there is one secret ingredient which one needs to have to get good waterscapes and seascapes and that is getting the love for water. Not everyone is equally blessed to be in a situation where they enjoy water in natural form – be it a waterfall or rain or river. Until the point one does not get down and start feeling the water – its very challenging if not for impossible to get good images.

Quite often I have come across people who like to shoot water scapes end up saying am scared of waves, I don’t like getting wet, salt water will harm my skin etc. One has to get out of their comfort zone and start to enjoy being in water and thats when images start flowing as fluidly as water.

Talking of waterscapes a quick plug to a feature I had on YahooLifestyle about the “Waterfalls of Karnataka

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