Vanishing Lakes – when lakes make way for parks !

Kommaghatta lake getting dredged up to make way for a park.
B&W_Cormorant_Scape_IlfordHP4 B&W_Weaver_Scape_IlfordHP4

This weekend when i was browsing through facebook i noticed an alarming post about Kommaghatta Lake which is on the outskirts of Bangalore. After posting a quick query and confirming it from my friend Garima – i happened to bump into the evidence which she had collected over the weekend in the form of photos.  Kommaaghatta is one the very small but beautiful lakes in accessible distance from city and was situated adjacent to the NICE road. I had been there few months back and was really impressed by the number of species of birds which used to thrive here especially the weavers which were found all across the lake. Just about recently also i had went past the lake and did find it pretty active with water. But this was a shocking news of the lake getting dredged up making way for a park !

Its really such a shame that BBMP does no second thinking before giving away permission or even taking up decision to come up with such initiative. If this is the case for sure we will definitely see the lakes in and across Bangalore vanish one by one within no time.

Below is couple of articles in Bangalore Metblogs and Citizen matters by my friends Deepa, Garima and Gayathri along with links to the photos of the lake.

Bangalore Citizen Matters

Bangalore MetBlogs

Garima’s Blog Post

Google Map – Kommaghatta lake

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