Times when the beast takes over the beauty

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We “humans” always want to make our presence felt be it in professional environment or in social media and that just continues to happen where ever we go even in the Nature. Everytime I got a place which is far away from the city life and expect hope that the nature is unspoilt, I just come back disappointed with that fact that am proven wrong. The recent trip to Cheerapunji was no different from other place. Khoh Ramhah, also known as Pillar Rock or Mothorp is another major tourist attraction of Sohra and after spending a while photographing the place in fog, i was taken back when the fog cleared and what was lying in front of me. Thrash ranging from plastic bottles to packed food containers and everything from beer can & chocolate wraps lying around near the view point. Why is that human being are not sensible to simple things like littering a place and trying to keep a place clean not only for the benefit of nature but also to ensure it remains as a beautiful place for the hundreds and thousands of people who visit the place in future. It ends up like a domino effect where one person does something and the subsequent keeps following it. Sad to see that even a beautiful place like this has been taken over by insensibility of the people visiting the place.

Just remember, Nature is not your dump yard.

Wishing you a very happy and sensible World Environment Day

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