Early morning walk

Boy walking on a misty morning in Cheerapunji Meghalaya

It was just past 7am on a very foggy & misty morning and all thanks to the previous days hikes, my legs had become numb due to pain. So instead of getting set for one more hike I decided to go for a walk in the neighbouring village and get warmed up before a busy day. It had rained heavily previous night and I could still see water flowing across the roads and into the valley in many places. Though it was still very early in morning, the laitkynsew village people had already started with day to day activities. The tea shops were buzzing with people, shared vehicles picking up people to drop them to nearby town/place for business, kids getting ready to head to school and much much more. And while i continue to walk with a small camera in my hand, i noticed a small lane which had no people in it but just this small kid who was walking towards the main lane. He was probably 50ft away from what you see him in the above image and something in me told that it would make a nice frame if he cross this water puddle with his reflection in it. I just waited there without giving him any hint that am gonna take a picture, i quickly grabbed couple of frames when he crossed the puddle but what happened after took me by surprise. This kid just walked passed me and told 2 things.

Hello, have a nice day ! (yes he did greet me in english)

I just turned back and i could see a nice smile on his face. I have no idea who he is and he has no idea who i am ( for him am yet another tourist in his area who just comes and goes ) – but with absolutely prior introduction and esp for a kid who is probably 1/3rd my age i was very impressed by his gesture/gratitude towards a stranger.

How often do we end up wishing or greeting strangers on road ? This kid just did that and won my heart.

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