After having seen gazillions of selfie photos on social media being shared every single day and also having had a successful attempt at helping create a selfie photo+video with 10000 people for DJ R3HAB during a recent concert in Bangalore, I thought i will give a try with the selfie video travelogue during my trip to Cheerapunji in Meghalaya earlier this month. The result is what you see above, a small 2min montage – Selfie in the land of rains – of what i ended up doing during the 6 days at the land of rains. All of the footages were shot on the versatile GoPro Hero 3+ (including the opening and ending title sequence of underwater shots ) in 2.7k resolution and then conformed to 1080p timeline. Initially the idea was to do a walk-the-talk type travelogue but eventually realised my voice may not be admired as much as the photos/videos i take so had to split the idea and keep the non-verbal selfie and footages of the place separate. Couple of points i want to emphasize before i signoff, if you are keen on shooting videos on GoPro then extendable arm/monopod for the GoPro is inarguably the most versatile and handy piece of accessory you should have in your bag. It compresses to about less than a foot but when extended is more than a meter long and its light weight and can help you get perspectives which holding the gopro in hand cant get you. Secondly if you are keen on stabilising the footage in post or want to reframe because without a LCD you might have slight framing issues, then without second thought shoot in 2.7k – not only it gives you an ability to do both of the above said features but also gives you a better resolution footage than the default 1080p. Thats it for now, probably in a week or two i should have my next place specific video travelogue online, so until then please stay tuned and keep smiling.

Update :

An short interview of me in press (Deccan Chronicle) about my thoughts behind the above velfie video.


  1. Fabulous video.
    Great job of ‘hiding’ the monopod in most of the sequences – those, I presume, must have been quite tough!

  2. Awesome selfie…the locations were so beautiful especially the living bridge…I wish you all the best!!!

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