Negative Space / Positive Space in Composition / Tree in mist

One of the most common question i got to face over the last 1 week both back at home and also during the trip to Meghalaya .. “you are traveling alone ?”. My only answer to anyone asking this question was “Why not?”

Right from the moment i finalized on this trip few months ago, i was pretty confident that i would end up making this trip all alone and i was very much prepared and looking forward to for it. One one side i wanted to do this trip all alone with no known faces around me so that i get to spend some time with myself, which in turn sort of reduces the inter dependency that usually gets created in group travel.

Time and again there comes stages in your life when you need to cut through a lot of clutter around you and also the clutter which you get to create by taking up too many things on oneself. Over the past year or more i felt so guilty of not doing much of my nature photography work and having spent sleepless night in some other commercial commitments. So i thought this trip would be ideal break from not only the crowd/clutter that i get to see day in and day out but also an opportunity to explore a newer place, meet some new people and try and get to do nature photography from a fresh mind with no strings attached.

In photography terms, when we try to isolate the subject from its surroundings then we tend to give the phrases like “negative space” or “positive space” – but irrespective of what ever those mean, it gives some space for both the viewer and also the subject to move around the frame or the boundary in which it is suppose to be. In exactly same way, we human beings also need to create a space around us so that it gives us an opportunity for us to analyze/realize how you want to grow and how you want to proceed and how you want to plan your life. Being in a clutter tends to make you take specific paths which can be overcome with free space. A fresh breath of air and an open vast land can make a huge difference in such circumstances. We are bound but terms like commitment and stuff but if we think we cant live without them and we are tied to them then its just that we are too adapted to the cluttered way of life and a space even when given will not have much impact.

So in the end we all know but yet to fail to realize that …. we all need some space ….



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