Respect for others work in a "Real" world


Just a bit too many things happening around which is making me very busy (mindset !). One thing I have realized being ( a photographer ) in a “Real” world where i live is that – we have to accept the fact that there is no respect or gratitude for others work or their effort or their creativity. All that one ends up seeing is their idea being stolen away from few lesser mortals who wants to prove their existence and well being by downplaying and capitalizing on others effort. Every now and then all that people do is come and snatch away the credit that one is suppose to get. Not once but many times in past have come across such self centric people who live and survive in this part of the country just to ensure their business and name exists.  While discussing with a fellow photog friend of mine, he just came up with one phrase – “Copyright means Right to Copy” – and this applies to anything from ideas, concepts, to photos, to techniques, to everything and everything which will make people who are doing this able to go up in ladder by pushing down the people who came up with the above list.

I have realized we have to just live with this and bear burnt of seeing the art and the industry getting spoiled through acts of few specimens in our part of the country, because as  they say – “the more you fight with dirt the more you become dirty“.

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