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Making something different and creating some unique platform to showcase the best of what Indians and Landscape Photography in particular has to offer was one of the key thing which kept on haunting Team wizards for quite a while. So after much debates and brainstorming we came up with the whole new brand identity called Landscape Wizards and Landscape Wizards Forums. For the people who are already familiar with Landscape Wizards portal, we had received a lot of comments and suggestions from our well wishers which indicated us to make the site more information oriented and also showcase more of our work on regular basis. This lead to a complete re-work on our site and what you see now at is our totally revamped and evolutionary version of LW portal. What you see in the website is not final and we are really working out on bringing something even more exciting and unique and definitely creative way of seeing landscape photography in LandscapeWizards website.

You can stay tuned to our updates through RSS feeds, Twitter or Facebook fan page and we ensure you something best all the time.

One of the constant request we kept on getting from our viewers was the ability for the viewers to participate in showcasing their landscape images. We just thought why not have some sort of common area where like minded people can come together and share not only their landscape images but also write a word or two about their experiences from the field, tips, techniques, work-flows, trip reports etc. So this lead to creation of the first of its kind platform in our part of the world for discussion of a specific topic in the ocean of photography called – Landscape Photography. is that one place where you can do all of the above and much more in learning and sharing the art and science of Landscape photography.

So without further delay let me extend this very warm welcome you to be a part of this growing community of Landscape Photography enthusiasts.

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Just to ensure we don’t see anonymous posts and images just ensure you login to the forums at >

Thanks a million ton for all your support and participation. So see you there …

Shivakumar L Narayan
Founder & Team Member – Landscape Wizards

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