Random Thoughts – "Creative" Nature Photography

Random thoughts on the concept of Creative Nature Photography.
A Tunnel Perspective

“I find it difficult when I start to think how ‘original’ is my work. Especially with the huge content of internet images it is quite natural that your ‘original’ image has already been done, infact, overdone. This is a situation which we all undergo when we are in the process of image making. A good creative image once done is thought to be done once so the next attempt becomes not so creative. The niche of creative images become “taken” soon.It is also noticed that sometimes abstracts tend to be more original than regular ones because of the proliferation of images thanks to digital imaging. Abstracts being abstracts are less pursued in the realms of technically sound photography. How does one find a sweet spot on trying to come up with ‘originals’ in the present day? is a question which needs some answering.”

These are some of the thoughts which has kept intriguing from quite some time. The above statement was made by one of my friends recently in Creative Nature Photography forum. Time and again when on field the thoughts of doing something different keeps haunting every nature photographer.  Be it be capturing an unique action or behaviour or getting the magical moment across the scene just before the day ends or other times like using the concepts of science and art together to create something different.

Over the past few weeks i have done a few dedicated trips which were concentrated on landscape photography – but now after coming back home and reviewing the images – i still feel the type of vision in the image is still not sufficient to raise eyebrows of the viewer or make it get etched in their mind.

The concept of “Creative” Nature Photography is not cake walk and is definitely not something which is a result of some accidental execution with some bizzare camera settings.

As quoted above – “original” is done and is overdone. And to see something new is a whole new JOURNEY all together. And when you are out there with your camera in the hand there is same way of seeing different things and different way of seeing same thing. Which one you need to do is in your mind.

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