Photography – Art ? Science ? Learning ?

Time and again we find many photogs across the globe and the socialmedia ranting about Photography is all about gear and megapixels and high ISO noise performance etc ending up marking yourself as the best as you have the best in your kitty and on the other end of the tunnel we get to some talking about Photography as art is everything in life without even knowing the definition of it. But seldom do they realize that many people (read as lesser mortals or other photogs) get stuck in between the two in a long tunnel and they try to make their way into one of the ends which shows them “good” light – but for me stuck in this tunnel what matters most is the process or the walk towards this light than what exactly is the quality of light at either end.

“I” am a firm believer that Photography and especially Nature Photography in particular has a lot to teach about life and its whereabouts than anything else. It gives us trailers and hands on experience which could be difficult to find in day to day scenario being a techie or a home maker or anything. A world seen through a mere 3:2 format glass can teach you a lot of things which can be easily adapted and used for shaping up our life.

As we all know that difficulties in life is just like surviving in the darkness of the tunnel we have many ways of tackling it

Landscapes of Dhikala, Corbet

… either live through it hoping that one fine day all the difficulties will erode away all the difficulties ( or maybe yourself )

Landscapes of Dhikala, Corbet

… or be a part of the difficulties and making yourself a part of one

Landscapes of Dhikala, Corbet

… or in best case be optimistic that there will light and there will be life beyond dead.


But amidst all these, seldom do we know that making the right decision in life is always a toughest thing to do and a wrong move can always lead to confirmation that light at the end of the tunnel will be a on-coming train.


Wishing you good light




  1. Thinking on the similar lines, it is optimism that keeps one going. More than optimism it is passion. If you are not clear of a vision, time speaks.

    But, if it is the “process” – then question is, what is THAT one important learning whilst you undergo this process that fits all the realms of photography?!

    • But the question is do we really need all realms of photography ? Irrespective of which side you are going, if the craft keeps you happy and satisfied (either monetary or artistic value)then that should be more than enough.

      Thats my way of looking at things.

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