How to shoot timelapse videos ?

If this has been the question which was bothering you since long, then all that you need to head to is the simple and intuitive tutorial for all that you need to know about shooting time-lapse videos. The writeup details each and everything right from settings you need to choose based on time of shoot to editing and presentation using some of the finest tools available in the market. So without waiting further you can head to by clicking on the below link.

Introduction to Timelapse Photography

One another cool announcement to make to tag along with the tutorial is the new Guest of Honor feature that we have online at which now features the master of the trade Ross Ching himself having a small interview with the LW team talking about things related to Timelapse photography and how he got into one and last but not the least some of his handy advice and tips to take it forward.

Guest of Honor – Ross Ching

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