1. Shiva, its truly a spectacular concept!!! You never cease to amaze me. Its hard to describe the feeling I get when I see this set, but its somewhere in between being humbled and truly elated. I mean the pictures by themselves are truly and literally out of the world. But when you put them together in this celestial theme of Sun, Moon and Stars they make you jump right out of your skin and soak the whole Cosmos in. Wonderful dude, you have a great concept here and awesome images to go with it.

    My fave has to be the Moon, not that the other two are any less but I liked the way its present so delicately in the frame. The stars overwhelm my visual senses and truly shows how beautiful the milky way can get. The Sun, the master of the series dwarfs the already mighty Himalayas, just to reaffirm its superiority and show its life giving powers.

    You have my bows to you sir!! And hope you dont mind the rather longish comment 🙂

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