A Wide Wild World – First Attempt


This is my small and very first effort in remote photography. After having influenced by Ganesh over the last few months I decided to give it a shot last weekend at TG Halli. First attempt was to set up the camera ( with tripod ! ) near the kingfisher point – apparently the setup was so evident that the kingfisher never bothered to even turn towards that regular perch where it used to sit always and even many times today morning before i set this up. So based on Ganesh’s suggestion i went ahead and setup the camera at the lizard point. Until the point we set up the camera there – we were counting anything like 3-4 lizards at that point and after we set up it got reduced to 1


This image above is one of such frame which i got to make during this experiment where the lone lizard obiliged to give all sort of pose for my experiment.

Though the lizard appears very small in the frame am pretty much happy with the frame as it gives a sense of “Me and My World” feel to it ( i guess its just me ). Personally i felt the clouds and the complementing waterbody pattern make this image for me along with the posture of the lizard. Anyways this is not the end of the world – this is just the beginning of seeing the world differently.

Some of the key lessons learnt

a. Lesser the footprint ( evidence ) of the setup – better is the opportunity to expect something.
b. Composition plays a really crucial role in such setup.
c. Focal length selection for making the image.
d. Better quality wireless triggers – farther you go – better is the opportunity to expect something to come and sit in the place where you do the setup.
e. Last but not the least “PATIENCE” – its really not easy to sit few mts away from the setup and wait for something to happen so that you can fire the shutter. Backup camera and keeping our-self engaged in shooting or some music can make a lot of difference.

On the other hand when i had kept the camera at the kingfisher point point – thought i could not make an image of kingfisher sitting on the rock feasting on the fishes – i knowingly/unknowingly have made images of the River terns flying across the lake. And another image in which the dragonflies pair in action.

TernRemoteShutter_MG_4564 naturephotographer_MG_4571

Time for some more homework and hope to be back again with different approach to capture the “A Wide Wild World”.

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