Jet Set Go

Cranes in Flight

Yup, its time for a much awaited and a much needed vacation. By the time you guys are reading this post, am almost halfway through crossing the Arabian Sea. Am off to spend some time with my sibbling who stays across the globe and probably travel around in that part of the world and get to explore it. Its my first time in that country – so am both excited and curious and worried on what to expect and what not to expect. Loads of learning stuff, loads of travel, loads of photography stuff planned. I have a bit of newer things to experiment during this trip. I might not be active on social media, mails nor be reachable on my India cell number, but feel free to buzz me on twitter which i hope to be hooked on to.

More updates and pictures starting in a couple of days time … until then … lets party Gangnam style 🙂

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