Fuji X Pro 1 – High ISO – Sample Images


All thanks to some really good friends out there in my photography circle and www which brings all of us together – i was lucky enough to get a chance to play around with this beautiful little camera called “Fuji X Pro 1” since the last couple of days. Though predominantly the images i have shot since last morning have been with regard to street photography or travel photography point of view, i spent just a small while today night to try and test its high ISO capabilities – i really gotta admit this little kid just kicks the back of every camera out there in the market in the same league. Am def not comparing this with a Pro DSLRs but for a camera of this formfactor and price tag, it really stays up to its expectation. Right at the end of this blog post i have provided download links to the high resolution files of the above collage in JPEG format for you to check it out in your computers at 100%. All the images have been shot with HIGH ISO NOISE REDUCTION = OFF and LONG EXPOSURE NOISE REDUCTION = OFF. If any of you really need to check with the raw files, do drop me a mail or put a note in the comment below and i shall make arrangements for you to download that as well. But be warned that as of today neither LR3 nor LR4 or Aperture have support for the Fuji propritary raw format.

Download the High Resolution Files here

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