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Photograph of a farmer from Rajasthan

The folks over at Craft & Vision have just launched a new addition to their fantastic ebook compilations in the form of “Forget Mugshots – 10 steps to better portraits” authored by David Duchemin. This book offers very handy insights into capturing the best travel portraits with some very easy and intutive tips. Everything from waiting for the right moment before tripping the trigger, to using the available light to the best possible extent or even the significance of eye contact. David goes on to point out some really key things which can make or break an image or make it look like a typical mugshot. When David gives the examples, he speaks words which are backed by his numerous years of experience working and shooting portraits for various organisations and clients. The ebook spanning across 35 pages and 10 chapters not only talks about the gear headed stuff but also points you to some creative exercises which can help grasp the concept faster and help the photographer in long run.

Personally i was never a people/portrait photographer especially with regard to travel photography arena, but over the year and more my liking for the portraits to document the people whom i can associate with the place which i visited has got me addicted to this genre of photography. What i have learnt and also what has been very boldly emphasized in the ebook is the apsect of photographer-subject relation before going for such an image. What is the kind of image you end up making and also how the image ends up eventually on your memory card mainly relies on how good is the aspect of photographer-subject relation and intimacy.

I highly recommend this book from Craft & Vision not for the fact that its very affordable or smaller run size – but for the sheer quality of the content which is so well packed in those 10 chapters which makes you understand the concept very easily.

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Bangalore Street Photography

Turban wearing guard at Jaipur City Palace

Photograph of a kid from Ladakh monastery

Photograph of a kid from Spiti village

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