Double Exposure using Fuji X100S

Double exposure using Fuji x100s

Lot of the new generation cameras have these new feature called “Multiple Exposure”, which basically allows the user to photograph more than one image/scene on a single final image. This concept is not new to folks who come from film photography background who used this technique to create surrealistic and creative images. But with the advent of technology, this is more versatile and the results can be seen and if required corrected and re-done with in moments. I did give this a spin and i tried out some double exposure using my Fuji X100S during recent trips and honestly am bit addicted to this feature. When properly understood and executed the results what we can get can totally unbelievable. With some practice you can understand what needs to be a primary image/first image and what needs to follow next to get a certain type of result etc. But at the end of the day its really rewarding. If you have one of the newer Nikon cameras or the Canon 5DMarkIII or 6D its built right into the menu option. I will be sharing some tips on how to tackle certain situations which are tricky to expose, how to select the image sequences, and show many more of such examples in the Fuji Workshop that will be happening next month (more details here).

Double exposure using Fuji x100s

Double exposure using Fuji x100s

If you have already tried doing multiple exposure or are planning to do so in the coming days, feel free to share your thoughts on this technique and also your images with me >

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