Canon EOS 6D – Some real world images

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Nandigrama, Bangalore

Starting off the week with some sample real world images that i shot a week ago with the new Canon EOS 6D. Its a very impressive little camera ( for its size and price point ) and the type of results it delivers. Just late last week i had posted a video i shot at Nandi hills using the Canon 6D which you can find here, and in this blog i want to expose you to some sample images from Canon 6D. As promised a week ago, i shall be posting some of my thoughts using this camera and what i like or dislike in this camera compared to the Canon 5D Mark II/III in a few days.

PS: All the images in this blog are posted so as to give you a idea of how well the camera performs for Travel & Nature photography needs (resolution, dynamic range, colors, lowlight, etc). I havent had a chance to fire the camera for specific things like Wedding/Glamour/Wildlife ( and all other things under the sun ). So feel free to rent one from our friends at BookMyLens and test it for your needs before swiping your card for the next big purchase. 

Sunrise on Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Tree branch in mist, Nandihills, Bangalore

School children at Somanatheshwara temple, Mysore

Wedding cake at Cake show, Bangalore

Wishing everyone a very good week ahead and good light for all your shoots.


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