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A misty morning at Nandi Hills

“A Misty Morning” is a short video i made using the new Canon 6D last week. Over the last few days, I got a chance to lay my hands on a brand new Canon EOS 6D which is regarded as an entry level full frame camera, boasting a massive 20+ MP CMOS sensor and equipped with features like Full HD video recording, in camera HDR, Multiple exposure, GPS, Wifi etc. I was very interested in trying or owning a copy of this camera late last year when I was visiting US and apparently due to the delayed release/shipping dates i had to let it go for a while. Considering that the big brother 5D Mark II is officially discontinued, and the successor 5D Mark III has a pretty noticeable price tag associated with it – it really does make a huge sense to go for investing on a 6D considering its 2099$ price tag and also most of its features being inherited by 5D Mark II. I will be following up this blog with another post in a few days with my initial impressions on how this camera performed for my style of shooting which involved landscape & architecture photography, followed by predominant use for videos both during day and night. But for now i will leave you with a short video which i made over the last week at Nandi Hills on the outskirts of Bangalore on a misty, cloudy morning. I have been to Nandi hills many times in past but this was the first time when i could actually witness the clouds below my feet type of scene. The entire hills was engulfed with fog almost upto 1030 in the morning. It was fun shooting and trying to get a exact translation of what i saw and what i wanted to portray using the video. Please do have a look at it and let me know your thoughts and comments. For people who would be interested in using this camera its now available with folks over at BookMyLens (www.bookmylens.com) who were generous enough to handover the camera to me on the very first day of acquiring the item.

[vimeo clip_id=56494020]

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