{Bibhav & Swatee} – Couple Shoot – Courtship Display

Conceptual Couple Shoot

A few weeks ago my buddy Bibhav sent me a message asking if i can help him out with a shoot that he is planning with his fiancee and apparently it happened like same time around i was working on few things in my team to shoot a couple portraits. As if we could say it was a blessing in disguise, we got on a call and discussed what he had in mind and then we caught up in person with the ideas i had in my mind – and oh boy it ended up such a fun shoot. One of the things we had discussed was how to bring in a concept where we portray the love Bibhav had for cycling, photography and music and have Swatee also in the picture. Owing to the fact that both myself and Bibhav were from wildlife photography background we tried out this composite shot where you can see he is trying all the tricks in his bag to impress his lady luck and hence the title – COURTSHIP DISPLAY (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtship_display).

We have got lot more fun and some unique images to share, which i will do in the follow up post along with the behind the scenes video. While you see this we already have a shoot planned with another to be couple who have given us all the liberty to shoot some crazy images which is totally out of world and a new way of bringing in Photography and Art together in single frame. The concept is finalised and things will be implemented in next few days. So you better watch out for those images coming up in few more weeks.

Have something on mind and want our help in bringing the ideas to life ? Give us a shout and we will take care of the rest – we are just a mail/call away.

Models Couple : Bibhav (X3) & Swatee

Concept/Idea/Execution : Shivakumar L Narayan, Vinayak M Bhat, Nidhi Pawar

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