#PowerPortraits – Photography Exhibition

Not too long ago, a friend of mine reached out to check if I have any photographs or more so specifically “portraits” as you can call them, which will fit the theme of “Power Portraits” and this was for an exhibition or a display which was supposed to be put up in one of the upline shopping malls in Bangalore – The RMZ Galleria mall.

I knew I had few from the past but the more I spent time going through my archive I stopped looking at only the “close up portraits” and ended up digging a whole lot of what I like and call “environmental portraits” and all of these were concentrated on the base theme of “Womanhood”. Few 2-way communication with the organisers and finally a subset was shortlisted, printed and displayed in the mall post the Women’s Day celebrations.

The below video/slideshow are all the images that got shortlisted and displayed at the venue. These are the images which are shot in various locations across India and for me, each and every frame here has a bigger story to tell for me these images tell the story of “Women Power”

#PowerPotraits Exhibition, The Galleria Mall, Yelhanka, Bangalore

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