a new journey and a new place …


So its a new journey and its a new place to explore and we are all set. Me and couple of buddies from Landscape Wizards team – Pramod and Anil are heading towards Spiti valley in a few hours from now.

All set and done this will be a very challenging trip considering the weather and also the geography which we are trying to explore and showcase the beauty of this place.

As always lot of expectation from the trip as well as the place and loads of new experiments to perform. We will be bringing in a lot of new stuff in form of images as well as learning for all you folks. Stay tuned to www.journeythroughnature.com and also www.landscape-wizards.com once we are back from the trip towards the fag end of this month.

I shall try to post some snapshots / bits and bytes from the field (network permitting) so you can keep a track of that on twitter – @shivakumar_l and also on @LandscapeWizard

So until next time …

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