WaterSculptures – Part I

This post is the first of the series what you will find on a very common but very less tried concept of photography called “Water Sculptures”. Its a method of capturing the water/liquid trails and the forms created by dripping water on a flat water surface.

Though the idea sounds very simple, the amount of effort that goes in to get all the settings right is a pain in itself.

Today being a weekend and considering the fact that the mercury levels are rising linearly over the last few weeks, i decided to stay back at home. It took me just more than 1.5 hrs to get all the things right before i could trip my first proper planned shutter.

There are lot of variables that needs to be considered when working on this.

a. Proper water source (tap or a dispenser)
b. Container into which the drops falls make a lot of difference
c. Background
d. Lens selection (for better working distance)
e. Light source
f. Liquid selection (viscosity matters !)
g. Most importantly PATIENCE

For the images what you see in this post i have used Canon 40D along with Canon 100 F2.8 Macro lens mounted on my tripod and the shutter tripped using Canon Remote shutter release. 3 sources of light were used for this setup which includes Ambient light from window, external emergency light, maglight torch.

Getting the focus and the DOF right is the most critical thing and patience is a key thing for getting the focus right. Focusing can be done only everytime a water droplet falls on water surface and the process lasts only for a fraction of a second.

This post is just a trailor for a series of experiment which is planned under the WaterSculptures tag in the coming weeks. A detailed post on how to create the entire setup and the creative options behind them will be shared soon.

WaterSculptures Images on Image Gallery

Until next time …
Keep smiling

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  1. This part of the photography shows the maturity level in terms of the work. Yes indeed Water Sculptures need lot of knowledge and patience. Keep doing the good work and I hope to get a lot-lot more in this aspect of your hobby…

    Innovate or Die….


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