Visions of Spotted Owlet

Spotted_Owlet | Bharatpur
Spotted_Owlet | Bharatpur

One aspect of photography which has got me completely fascinated and attracted is “Backlit Photography”. I would like to give the complete credit for this to Ganesh who has shown this path to endless possibilities.

One of the mornings during our stay in Bharatpur was completely dedicated to the Spotted Owlets of Shanti Kutir. When we landed up at the place at the strike of first rays of sun on a dead tree which houses close to about 7 cute little spotted owlets.

At first i got over excited seeing these beauties at such close quarters getting bathed in golden yellow light and started making lot of images of all expressions that they could provide us. But as minutes went by – ideas changed and new thoughts started to materialise ( though not fully ) and i started experimenting with backlit compositions.

One of the results is what you see above. Personally i liked the very few backlit images that i made in this place than the numerous front lit and portraits that i made of these owlets.

Next time i go to Bharatpur i am sure gonna dedicate who lot of time for these tiny tots which made my Bharatpur trip more memorable.

Some more images of Spotted Owlet

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