The Toy Story

Channapattana Toy Factory

[vimeo clip_id=71045140]

The Toy Story – is a small story of what happens behind the scene of a centuries old tradition of making wooden toys from a small town called Channapattana in South India. The art of making these toys is a traditional thing and it is fast diminishing because of invasion of the market from machine made products from across the border.

Shot on Black Magic Cinema Camera (EF) along with Sigma 8-16 and Canon 24-105 F4 L IS lenses & Igus Slider. Shot in Prores film mode and edited and graded on Final Cut Pro X. Am planning to do a follow up post with more images and behind the scenes and my experience of shooting with a BMCC camera and what I liked ( and didnt like ) too. Until I complete that post, please feel free to ask any specific questions that you might have.

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