taj – a retrospective [Sneak Peek]

So if you were wondering whats happening with the Taj ebook which i was suppose to talk about and publish it online on JTN, I for a change decided to try on a simple printed photo book and went for it for now instead of the ebook for the time being

“Taj – A Retrospective” is a collection of images which i made during my recent trip to Agra. The book houses images from Taj, Fatehpur sikri and Agra fort and is segregatted in a thematic way (ie Arches, People, Towers, Pillars, Taj, etc) spanning across 20-25 pages. ย The book is available in both Color and Black & Version – but the catch is i am getting this printed on request and is not available of my desk right away – but will def be available within a week of order.

Below is a small sneak peek into the contents of the book (but for now in Black and White) version.

And now for some interesting deals ๐Ÿ™‚ … a detailed announcement of the book along with the price and more images will be out shortly but in the mean time to spice up things let me disclose that one of the few people who get to buy this book within the first 15 days of the launch will get a chance to win a 12″x18″ print of a image of their choice from the book on archival paper. Doesnt it sound interesting ?

If your question now is “What about the e-book?”. Yes that is on the way too and even that is tagged along with lot of JTN goodies along with its launch. Keep watching this space for those annoucements.

Go spread the word . . who knows even that might get a chance for you to get something into your kitty even for that.


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