Sand, Sea, Sky & Serenity

Sunset image from Andaman

Over the last couple of seasons this part of the year, i had set my mind to explore the high passes and high altitudes of our country – which eventually made me land up in Ladakh in 2009 and Spiti in 2010. This year i had decided not to head to north or to any high passes but to explore a totally different geography and with a different mindset. Due to professional commitments and also change in jobs meant that i had to stick to my 4×4 cubicle during the first 3 quarters of this year. Eventually i decided that its gonna be Sand-Sea-Skies this time of the year. The place that was eventually decided was Andaman islands. About 2-3 weeks of intense research on places and taking help from friends for bookings and planning – i eventually landed up in the most serene place i have ever visited early last weekend. The plan was to stay in few diff islands totaling to about 10-12 days but some medical emergencies back home forced me to cut short the trip 2/3rd the way and had to head back home this weekend. Having said that quite a bit of what was planned was accomplished during the trip and the content you will be seeing and the images will surely be different from what you have seen from this place or from me before.  Though am a bit on and off the net for next few weeks, I will be back with what I have to show you from this place very very soon. All that i can request you to is stay tuned to through our facebook page ( or our twitter handle ( and am sure we are gonna entertain you with new and quality stuff as usual. I will also be blogging / writing about the complete travel and planning stuff and with some indepth behind the scene images/videos over here in my blog too. So please stay tuned and be patient until am back 🙂

Lastly a huge thanks to my buddy Pradeep who agreed to stay back and continue with the trip despite of me flying back home with some last minute issues. Make sure you are hooked on to his website/blog too for some absolute stunner imagery.

Hope you all had a good festive season and had a rather low noise and air pollution based Diwali celebration.

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