Mighty Himalayas vs Mankind

Was having some terribly issues with the internet over the last few days at home and some of the images processed and blogs planned all went for a toss and I have to re-schedule everything thanks to technology. On another note this will just be a photo-blog-post than me writing or talking about anything in detail and showing some new images. Last weekend when i was browsing through my Spiti image library, i happened to bump into this particular image I shot at Pinvalley National Park. My main camera was out doing Timelapse so had to sit down, grab a packet of biscuit and relax for the next hour or so. This guy sitting on the makeshift parapet wall caught my attention and i grabbed a couple of frames at that moment. But now when i sit back and look at this image on a large screen – a whole lot of philosophical thoughts starts arising. We “humanbeings” are point of attraction at everyplace we go, we show off attitude, stubbornness, anger, ego, etc etc which makes people around us look small in front of us. But when we really compare ourself with the nature and especially the beauty called Himalayas – we just are nothing in front of her. We become minuscule in front of her gigantic looks, powers and practically sheer size. Anything that we try and do in our day to day life is nothing to protect her. Global warmings, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Hurricanes etc will just gonna happen and even now if we start looking and working out things which can help us reduce carbon foot print by each one of us contributing to it, we are definitely not too late to protect our beloved mother nature. We are small in front of her, but if we standby together and work towards a common goal – how ever small our efforts is, we will be able to protect and keep her happy.


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