Rain Water Harvesting – a basic approach

Rain Water Harvesting in Westernghats
Rain Water Harvesting in Westernghats

Over the last weekend when I had been to Agumbe for a short weekend visit with friends, I came across this very unique, basic and innovative idea for Rain water harvesting being used in a house at Agumbe in Westernghats region of Karnataka. At first I did not give much attention, but the presence of the bottle used as a funnel made me get curious and quickly grab a frame to understand what they are doing. Apparently after spending 3 days in that region, i realised that most of the houses in this region use one or many of the variations of the above technique to collect and re-use the rainwater which solves biggest problem of segregating the drinking water from the water to be used for other day to day chores. Though the whole concept of rain water harvesting being mandatory in the plan for new houses/apartments in cities and engineers trying all possible ways to get a better solution. But simpler ones like the above are the ones which click and are most acceptable. So what do you guys feel about this “basic, innovative and low cost solution” for rain water harvesting ? Aint it something we city inhabitants need to learn and adapt from them ?


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