Positive Thinking in Complex World

Complexity in Life

Just a few days back whilst talking to a close friend over phone, my friend replied with statements like – “I am a very complex,  the life is so complex and there isn’t anything called good things in life”.  For a moment i couldn’t reply much because this was definitely something which comes up to my mind also very often, but i have started to live with it with some adaption (read along).

But I decided to go back and find the root cause and find why do we treat life and ourself as complex ? This is directly related to the definition of complex in mathematics which goes by

x + i y

If you see the above definition of a complex number you can notice there are two parts, x which is the real part and i y which is the complex part. Yes complex part has two things to it which is i and y, and the culprit to the complex number being called so is because of the imaginary section designated by i. This is exactly the same case with the human beings also and our life. Its this imaginary i which causes all the complex things in our life. We always tend to put an assumption factor about our own life and start making statements like “why i am not good in anything”, “why i am fit for nothing”, “why i don’t get to face any good thing in life”, “why i always suffer in life”, etc

So if this imaginary part i is causing all the trouble then what is the solution for it ? The answer is simple jump over to the real part x which has no imaimaginary assumptions what so ever. But how do we do that jump ? we have to cross it through the + which is actually the “positive attitude“. If we have positive attitude towards things then all imaginary things will give way real world. Approach life with a positive mentality and attitude and everything becomes so real and enjoyable and everything in life starts seeming beautiful and meaningful.

Having know the solution its upto us to decide if we want to stick to the imaginary “i” and keep living with why “y” or move over to the other greener side of the life by positive attitude and live the life with the “x” factor.

What do you guys feel about it ? Ain’t it possible to lead a real life in the real world ?

Also having said that this one song is really the one listen to when am going through the imaginary phase, but it will also ensure that i get motivated to cheerup and go back to real world because “Life is Beautiful” (conditions apply)

Bad Day by Daniel Powter – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH476CxJxfg

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