Poetry In Motion [Tree Series]


During our earlier stages of photography we get advice and we read in all possible forums and get advice from everyone that the best photograph is one which is in sharp focus and has well defined subject. We try all that is possible (bumping ISO, using sturdiest of tripods, etc) to ensure we get that. But as we proceed further in the image making process we realize that its sometime the non-sharp subjects which causes more pleasing and “artistic” images. During my last trip i personally tried the forcefully induced camera shake in getting some repetitive patterns and specific type of images which i had visualized after seeing similar images in other international photography forums from west. Having said that its definitely not at all an easy task to shake the camera and still continue to get a keeper image which pleases our mind’s eye. It takes a really lot of effort to over come what i have told in earlier past of this description (bump down ISO, remove camera off tripod) and proceed with getting vision and capture to match.



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  1. Interesting thought here. “Its definitely not at all an easy task to shake the camera and still continue to get a keeper image which pleases our mind’s eye” – very true!

    Poetry in motion is a nice title/series. Looking forward for more!

  2. Very well made images Shiv, What I like here is the abstractness introduced by controlled shake. I wanted to see the first image in large size but looks like you forgot to link to the larger version. Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have samples of **all** of Hahnemuhle’s fine art papers. I *think* this will look very pleasing on either William Turner or German Etching paper of them.

    Coming to the topic of blurred vs sharp image I think our ability to see and make images moves along a spiralling path. The accidental blurred image we make during start of our photographic journey will be very different from the one we make after 10 ten years of attempting at *seeing* Honestly speaking I can ‘t understand modern arts but if I think no one understands it then you know where I stand Same goes with photography too. Everyone has their own scale and interestingly everyone is right in this world ! So all that matters is how much we ourselves believe in it – rest who cares..

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