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Photography, Craft & Vision eMagazine

Craft&Vision has been around us for few years now, its been churning out top notch ebooks about photography, processing, vision, techniques, microstock and much more. Every single ebook talks about a specific topic and some times its limited to few pages and sometimes it goes with as long as you can spend your night engrossed in reading it. Its been backed by some of the best in the field image makers and artists behind the cameras. Every now and then i used to wonder how if I could sort out the ebooks i liked from the C&V collection and i could make a small book out of it and keep it with me to read when ever i want. Its the authors and their writings and their images which has made me get addicted to C&V  collection. Probably it looks like they finally heard my inner voice and they have come up with a concept which is a far more evolved version of what i was thinking in my mind – a emagazine from Craft & Vision. Yup, what was there in my mind is now a reality.

PHOTOGRAPH – a quarterly magazine from the people behind Craft & Vision.

I got hold of my copy a few days ago and have to admit i kept aside all my work and spent that night going through the magazine without a break. Photograph is a magazine which is a collection of visual artists like David Duchemin, John Paul Caponigro, Chris Orwig, and many many more.  Though its a first edition of the magazine, it doesnt show any signs of lack of preparedness. A lot of planning and critical selection has gone into making the content of this magazine.

The book starts of with a small foreword by the man himself David Duchemin, which gets followed by a lovely portfolio of landscape work by Bruce Percy from Iceland and then continues with Art Wolf and so on. Whats more interesting is that every portfolio section gets followed by a short interview with the photographer which gives a lot of good insights into their lives and their thought process behind the images. The magazine has a section about Composition by John Paul Caponigro which according to me is the best one i liked in the first half. There are articles about gear too where there is some talking about how focal length changes the perspective of subject to other end where there is reference to some really nice alternative gears suggestion. Not to forget a complete article on fine art printing.

Overall its a very well packaged product and am sure in coming issues they gonna make it bigger and better. Whats disappointing is that its a quarterly magazine and have to really wait for a really long time to get hold of the next one – but if you see the content you will realise the quality of information that gets pushed and its def worth a wait.

Irrespective of if you are a beginner or a professional or a photographer or not, it has something which can keep everyone occupied by the visuals and words. So i can bet that its  best 8$ you can spend on a magazine. And gotta admit its less than what you can spend on an evening in a coffee shop. Taking things up, if you order for an year which is 4 issues, you can get it for 24$ which is 25$ saving or you can go on to tell that you got one issue completely free.

So if you are the one who is looking for some inspiration, some techniques to improve your craft and someone who appreciates photography as art – go ahead and grab your copy right away. You can click on any of the images above/below to head out to C&V site to get hold of your copy or you can directly Click here to view more details. Am gonna give you my word you will not be disappointed.

Photography, Craft & Vision eMagazine

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