Moments from nature and thoughts behind it . . .

I am starting off this blog with the intention of keeping things separate from my personal blog and make this more of a knowledge sharing platform when it comes to Nature, Wildlife, Photography and Conservation aspects.

To start off, this is one of the tigers that myself and Jayanth shot when we were in Ranthambore National Park last month. This was shot in the evening of the last safari when we were just about to get back to the main gate after the safari.

Through out the trip we kept on wondering if we could sight tiger in Ranthambore in open area with good photography opportunity. Just then before we could wind up – this happened and this moment is something which will last in my memories for a real long time.


Unlike S India, the tiger sighting is pretty good in north but the challenge comes from the photographic view as to how differently one can present the subject. Things like aesthetics, mood, messages conveyed through the images start coming into picture. With respect to the image above, i really liked the expression of the tiger and the mood it brings to the image – depicting the state of the Tigers in Indian jungles.