Making things clean and clear

Clear water and rocks, Pangong Lake

Over the last few days few of my friends called/mailed me and asked me specific reasons behind my recent posts and if there is any incident or any person which is behind it, the answer to them is very simple – the blogs and posts that i make along with my images are my own personal way of expressing myself and my feelings and my rants and it has nothing to do with any person living or (physically or mentally) dead. I feel the images i have posted speaks the emotions that i wanted them to convey and if it gets interpreted in any of the other ways, then neither me nor my website should not be held responsible for it.If any of you think the below posts (incidents) relates to something which is happening in your life, then be happy you are not alone !


Assumption, Difference of Opinion, Decision, Expression, Life, Facts of Life, Problems, finally Stone will be a stone


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