Life, Stone & Dreams
Life, Stone & Dreams


Whilst driving back from Shimoga last evening I was just thinking about two dates – 11-05-2009 and 11-05-2011, these two dates have sort of got me a lot of significance and importance in my life. Things have changed so much or rather call it enormously over these past two years defined by these two dates. I can sort of confidently tell there has been a steep bell curve of happenings in my life between these two dates. There has been couple of job changes during this time and personal and profession life has gone under hammer to on top of a flying plane during this. A short period leading to the first date was as important as the days that will succeed the second one. I had loads of plans and dreams during this time which have got fulfilled and few shattered.  As an Aquarian am a born dreamer and I live out of my dreams in my real life but its tough when you know not many can see light. At times trying to get a life out of a stone is a tough thing and i tried that during this period and i failed miserably, but i believe in waiting.  I know all of these might sound cryptic to most or all of you, but i wanted to keep this post as a reminder and a earmarking post for myself but didn’t wanted to keep it as a private post but felt like keeping it public as its my blog and i have right to express myself in it.

Life moves on and must say which i always do – “Live it or Love it” and thats what Life is all about.


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