JTN Gallery Back Online + "People & Places" Gallery

New gallery on "People and Places" - Travel photography on Journey Through Nature.

After a small hiccup last night the Image gallery for Journey Through Nature is now back online. All the images are up and running but the image tags are disabled for some time now. Will be updating all those over the next few weekends. Had to bridge in a new gallery and fiddle around with existing ones to make the presentation a bit apt.

Starting this month I shall also maintain this new gallery called “People & Places” which will host all or most of my Travel and People photography related images. As indicated in the Twenty10 new year post – this will be a new section which i will be concentrating more or equally as my Nature photography related stuff.

Starting off now will be a set of images which i made during my recent trip to Mangalore ( Moodbidri ). The collection is from a very famous 1000 pillar Jain temple. I tried to emphasie the significance of the place by concentrating the composition of images around the pillars itself.

I hope to add new and different type of content around People, Culture, Religion, Places etc from both India and Outside. The next update in this gallery will be the shoot what i did in Mangalore itself for the Kambla event. The images from Ladakh which was due to go into this gallery last month will be uploaded shortly after this.

Hope you will like the content that will roll out in this gallery.

Have fun and please do pour in your comments and suggestions.



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