Is Vintage or Retro look the new face of creativity ?

Image of a Shepard from Rajasthan

I was playing around with one of the images of a shepherd which i had taken in Rajasthan using my iPhone a while ago and tried to apply some of the most commonly used (and overused) filters in post processing tools in the market. Atleast to my eyes, the overall perception of the images changes with application of these so called stereotype vintage filters. When I say perception am not talking about what the image is communicating, but the overall point of making all the images look same by applying similar filters to all sort of images (weather its food in a plate in hotel or landscape or modern building or people or even footwear on beach or for that matter girl in front of a mirror in bathroom). I went one step further and tried to apply some presets from Lightroom and Photoshop to see how an image will look if processed on a computer and results are no different.

I am not a fan of either Instagram or Hipsmatic or anything similar, but seeing the smarphone image database on web and the number of people using such apps/filters really amuses me.

So one thing i really want to ask myself and others reading this blog is – “Why do you want to make something look vintage when its not vintage ?”

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  1. Well, it’s one way of presenting an image…so I guess it depends on the person, that’s all 🙂

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