In search of "Language of Dreamz"


When i was sitting in a Cafe in Delhi sipping coffee and spending time till evening to catch my bus to Manali, I came across an Ad in TV which gave this caption “The Language of Dreams”. Right from that moment during the entire course of my Ladakh trip the words kept humming in my mind. I started feeling that its in search of this language is what makes us travel so much across the globe capturing different moments in nature, the emotions, the joy, the feelings, etc. Being just moments away from visiting one of my dream destination Ladakh – i was pretty much convinced that Photography other than being called as ART or Science of what ever stuff – it can defintely be termed and defined as “A LANGUAGE OF DREAM”.


  1. waiting to see more of ur..langauge of dream…on ur blog r site..interesting thoughts ..a thought which takes a sec to occupy …has million words n meanings..n feelings waiting to be expressed…after this caption…..its easy to understand what every pic..speaks about…all through ur journey…they r just elaborated versions of ur language of dreamzz… 🙂 yup i very much own that place…can also say….my version of langauge of dreams…. ;0

    • Hi Shalini,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I am not too sure how much i was able to convert my dreams into images when it comes to the trip to Ladakh. But yes, please stay tuned for the landscape and other images that i hope to publish on the site in the coming days. Shall def drive down to j’nagar to your place.

      Thanks – Shiv

  2. Hi shiv,
    Met you on your onward journey from Delhi to Manali. Hope you had a good trip….I had an interesting 8-day trek myself from darcha to padum and good wildlife sightings as well (mutter,yaks,fox..) and beautiful birds (really exquisite). But unfortunately, I did not get any pictures…the landscapes/glaciers (shigori-la) in zanskar were out of this world…(especially around phugtal – where there is a beautiful monastery in the cave..)


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