How you can help our Planet Earth remain Green – Go Green Run

Go Green Run


Posting this on behalf of the organisers of the Go Green Run. Felt the initiative was very nice and it needs to get the attention that it deserves and also get the words spread out.
There’s a lot you may have heard about ‘going green’, or contributing for a pollution-free environment in general. However, getting active for it is a completely different ball game. If you want to do something effective, you might find the option of Champions Group triggering you off for Go Green Run the best available.
Since many may not find it possible to complete the 10km race, we help you accomplish the same through team relays. It goes without saying that relays promote team spirit. Fulfill a corporate responsibility. By participating in the race, you don’t just help the environment, but help your organization achieve its corporate goals or “Team Strength”. Stronger teams make stronger organizations. Team relays are the mantra for a stronger team. Go Green essentially is… Planting as many saplings as possible, which will hopefully add to the greenery of the city. Besides that, as a digital marketing agency, we want to ensure that our effort makes for the biggest leap one has seen towards a pollution-free world. Above all, this serves as one of your treasured opportunities. Join us at Go Green Run on July 20 and add a great deal more meaning to your concern for the environment. –
-Deepak H M (Strategic Solutions)

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