How time flies . . . [Teachers Day Special]

Today is 5th September 2019 which is celebrated as Teacher’s Day ( Dr. S Radhakrishnan’s birthday ) in India. This is a special day for the appreciation of teachers, and over the last several days I had been thinking of coming up with some videos where I teach something which I have learned over the last several years and share it online for folks who do not have the luxury of attending workshops or paying for online paid tutorials. And while I was preparing the material around it and looking for some reference images which goes well with the concepts am explaining I bumped into this image on my harddisk which dates back more than a decade ago ( November 2008 to be precise ). This was shot in one of our photography trip to Bharatpur. This was a time when I was new and learning nuances of wildlife photography and things around natural history and behavior of birds and mammals. And am so happy and privileged to say that I got mentored by likes of people like Ganesh H Shankar, Sudhir Shivaram, Dhritiman Mukherjee who now I can proudly say that they are not just my mentor or teachers but also very good friends. And not just that, folks like Dr. Ajith and Dr. Nilanjan who all by now have their names etched in the books of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year for their fantastic images of wildlife and nature. Not just them, even the other folks in the image whom one can tag as guides/naturalists these are guys who have not only learned so many things being in the field every day but also help photographers like us to get memorable images. After a very long time, an image from the past bought a very big smile on my face and all that I can tell is Thankyou to all these lovely teachers and friends.

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