Hello World !

Hi Everyone,


Welcome to wwww.shivakumar.net

This place is more of my personal portfolio site and blog. You can see my work from all genres here and also get to read about a wide variety of topics about which i talk or write.

If you are here expecting to read or see some of my Travel & Nature photography work, then head directly to www.journeythroughnature.com and you will see my travel and nature work there. Why two websites if you ask ? its just that i want to keep things seggregated/sorted 🙂

I will not spend much time here in the very first blog. We will get in touch soon and much frequently than before.

Until then, stay tuned to my twitter (twitter.com/shivakumar_l) and facebook (facebook.com/shivakumarlnarayan) and my facebook page (facebook.com/shivakumarlakshminarayana)

Merci …

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