Family Tree


I titled this image Family Tree right the moment i clicked this image. Anyone wants to take a guess why this name and what are the 3-4 interpretation i want to convey using these two word “family tree” ? The closest guess will get a free 12×8 print on archival medium from my end.

For the tech geeks out there, this is shot on Fujifilm X100S with inbuilt B&W (Yellow Filter).



    • Yeah been using it since about a year now. One of my most used and attached camera currently 🙂 Honestly i had tried B&W mode but tried those red and yellow filters first time last weekend. Pretty impressed. I heard red filter is good for portraits.

  1. Hi Shiva, below are my guess when I see this first time.

    1. Couple walking near the tree
    2. Such a huge tree gives shelter to many birds and other species
    3. Tree looks quite old and looks like parent to trees surrounding it.
    4. My last guess 🙂 if its park like Lal Bagh then family planning will happen behind such trees. (Don’t beat me for this guess)

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