End of every chapter is a beginning of a new one ….. [Annoucement]

Lonely Stone, Kutch, Gujrat

When you have a book in hand, end of every chapter is a beginning of a new one and not to forget end of every book is a beginning of new one. So is a case in a journey called life. End of every trip is a beginning of a new one. Today marks the end of a very good close to a decade long journey for me. Today marks an end to a creation and association of me with my kid – Landscape Wizards. Yup you read it right. I will be parting with LW officially starting tomorrow and its been an incredible journey bringing and being part of it to what it is now. I step away because I am kicking off something really new and big in the coming months and am really excited about it and considering that it will involve lot of photos and video stuff i realized i need to spend more time and energy with it and not try to ride 2 boats at the same time. I will leave LW in the able hands of Anil, Harsha and Ashwin to take it forward from here. Confluence was a dream last year and we made it happen and this year we wanted to make it big and we made that happen too – and i have to admit thats the best gift i have from the team. Am incredibly happy with the way things have shaped up and the way we have managed to portray landscape photography to outside world through LW. Things will just get bigger and better at LW from now on. I will continue to sail along with the team and be a part of it and contribute where ever am applicable and needed. But things am working on and planning need a lot more priority and attention at this moment and am sure those will entertain you and educate you as much as I tried to do using my words and visuals in LW. Let me not get too senti about things take this post to be come a long one. Am still around here, JTN is around here shivakumar.net is around and so is LW. Its just that there are small changes which should not bring too much a difference to outside world on the content that we create. So here’s me wishing all the very best to Team LW and also bidding adieu to something which was very close to me all these years and will continue to be. Lets continue with our “journey through nature”.

Wishing you all a very happy ugadi and a happy new year !

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