Don’t cage your dreams !



Dreams are just like any other living beings ie Birds/Animals – it shouldn’t be caged. Dreams are proprietary items but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express yourself whilst chasing your dreams. At times chasing the dreams and making it realize you tend to become over-possesive about the dreams and inturn cage them and become restrictive on the dream. So once you do that, even a bit of room and the dream tries to escape from your control. Are we really ready for it ? Are we ready to loose control of your dreams ? Loosing your dreams is more than loosing your life. So if you really want to keep the dream for yourself for good then and make it come true don’t cage it but instead keep it easy play easy with that than being too possessive about.


Dreams comes packed with Emotions, Feelings, Expectations, Joy, etc. Loosing the dreams is no worse than loosing all of these and much more than it.


So next time you have a dream to chase, don’t keep it caged let it fly free.


Cormorant in Mist


Can Photography be a Dream ? Can Leadership be a Dream ? Can Entrepreneurship be a Dream ?

of all the things

Can living your life the way you want be a Dream ?


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